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Testimonial SC (age 12) - I am happy that Dr. Caprile helped me heal my breathing and that he was so nice to me. After I went to him using Nutrition Response Testing, I didn't need to use my inhaler for three and a half months, which was a big improvement for me.

Testimonial BC - Pain was the number one reason for trying Nutrition Response Testing. I had severe fibromyalgia pain and my lower legs and thighs were so painful, there were days I couldn't touch them. On a scale from 1 to 10 my pain ranged between 7-9/10 most days. It has been eight weeks following Nutrition Response Testing. I noticed a reduction in pain after week two, and after week four, my pain disappeared. It's now been four weeks free from fibromyalgia pain. I have not felt pain free in over 18 years.

Testimonial AM - Dear Dr. Caprile, We are writing this letter to thank you.  As you know, our eleven year-old son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism.  We were given several options to help treat our son's condition.  Our previous doctors had recommended social skills groups and medications.  Although we found the social skills group to be quite helpful and effective, our experience with the medications was not successful.  Luckily that is where you came in.

Since we had the good fortune of meeting you, we were introduced to the wonders of Chiropractic care and the wonderful line of Standard Process supplements.  (Nutrition Response Testing).  We have seen a tremendous improvement in our son.  He is more focused, relaxed and happy.  Even the teachers in his school have commented on his overall improvement.  We cannot begin to thank you for all that your help has meant to our family.  We wish you continued success in all your endeavors.  You are an amazing chiropractor and a wonderful human being.

Testimonial AI - I had just finished two months of intense radiation treatment for Parotid cancer.  I was in pain from the radiation burns.  The side effects were extreme and they were affecting my taste, saliva output overall tiredness, I was a mess!  I started on the Nutrition Response Testing program.  Two months later after following the NRT program for my problem I am feeling 70% better.  The burns are gone, saliva is returning, taste is at 40% increase and I am not feeling exhausted.  The products are wonderful and I find it still amazing that my body tells the doctor would it needs!!  I have improved in all about 60%.  I have improved over and above what my medical physician had expected for this period of time.

Testimonial AM - I was introduced to nutrition response testing (NRT) by my family chiropractor Dr. Caprille who was very concerned about my health after I had cancer and 2 stents placed into my heart. My heart surgery was in 2009 and I had cancer in 2010. Needless to say my health was failing. He began using this technique to find out what my body was looking for to heal and the response testing showed that the effects from the cancer was the first to deal with and then we would begin a regimen for my heart. He provided a program for me to follow so that the damage of radiation would be eradicated and my thyroid could be built up again. It was in bad shape. I was given specific products and instructions and before I knew it I was on the road to recovery. I was amazed how fast this had worked for me and was getting more excited to find a natural way to help my heart.

The experience that brought me to him for my heart is not what I would recommend for anyone to do but I had such a great faith in this NRT I waited to see my chiropractor the next day; instead of going to the emergency room when I began to have mild to moderate chest pain the night before. I was seen right away the next day. (I'm sure if I called that night he would have opened up his office to see me). To both of our dismay I was sorely lacking in the proper nutrients beneficial to the function of my heart. Again, this wonderful testing showed what my body craved and what would help to mend the only heart I have. This took longer but the wait was worth it. I have faithfully followed his instructions and within 6 months to a year I am off of some of my blood pressure meds and now I don't even need as many of the nutrients I started with. (I needed quite a few because of how bad my heart condition was) Now I am on a maintenance program in which I regularly see him once a month to keep testing what may be needed and what my body doesn't need anymore. This experience has opened my eyes to a whole new world of healing arts. There are so many programs and ways to help your self but this has proved for me to be the best one because it's worked so well for me. I am very proud and happy to say that my chiropractor is as ecstatic for my well being and good response as I was. His enthusiasm and total commitment has made it easy for me to feel positive about trying it.

If anyone has not tried this nutrition testing I highly encourage them to. It certainly will not hurt you since your own body dictates to itself what is needed. I know, it sounds crazy but it really is quite miraculous to see it for yourself. It was a winning situation for me. This program has saved me from an open heart surgery or more stents at this time. After 2 years, I still find it educational and so unvelievable when he tests me and my body responds exactly what's needed for healing. It's truly fascinating to watch your body in action working with itself and the doctor. I hope that my experience will make at least several people go and try out this method of healing.

Feeling good to be alive.

Testimonial S.L.

Before coming to see you I was very tired and had to push myself to do anything and then I would do it but it was grueling. Everything was an effort. I lost a lot of strength. Now I cannot get over how much better I feel. I didn’t think I’d ever feel as good as good again. Now when I do anything physical I feel great and it a lot of fun. The best part it only took two weeks or less for me to feel a major difference. I know I’ll feel better even better because every few days I noticed that I do.

Testimonial K.W.

There was nothing terribly wrong; I just wanted to try to make some improvement in my life. At age 61 I was getting tired, had headaches, aches and pains, wanted to lose some weight and also some belly fat. On occasion, I would also have some gastric issues, nothing serious just annoying at times. I just wanted to see if the Nutrition Response Testing would make a difference in my life.

I am now into my fifth week and already seeing some changes. I recently went to my medical doctor for my yearly check (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood work, etc.) I have now lost 6 pounds, my blood pressure used to be 140/90 and last week it was 126/66 (I have been on blood pressure medications for years). My blood work also LDL was down five points (I have been on Lipitor also for many years). I am hoping that over time I may be able to decrease the dosage of these medications. I think it helps that I keep a record of what I eat and drink (part of the program) and the whole food supplements, i believe, also make a big difference. I am hoping that by losing a pound a week (slowly) that I will be able to take the weight off and keep it off (difficult to do as one gets older). I also seem to have more energy that I used to. All in all this seems to be doing some good for me so I plan to stick with it.

Testimonial B.C.

I had a suspicion that I was developing thyroid problems; however, no medical testing showed that to be true. I felt sluggish and tired and found it difficult to keep up with my daily schedule. I was tested using the Nutrition Response Testing technique. It showed the thyroid gland and several other areas needing some help. It also located a food allergy that was affecting the thyroid. By using the recommended supplements and modifying my diet, I developed a renewed strength and energy. I felt much better than I had in a long time.

Testimonial J.R.

Before being under your care with Chiropractic and nutrition Response testing I would not sleep at night. I would wake at 3:00 in the morning. My sleep was interrupted. My memory was poor and I am an Epileptic. Now I sleep at night and sometimes I remember my dreams. My memory has improved. My emotions have too. I don’t get as angry as before. I have less headaches and I have had no seizures. Thank you!

Testimonial D.D.

I really struggled to get a good night’s sleep. I work a lot of hours on the computer and was very tired. I could fall asleep most nights but could not stay asleep. What a vicious cycle! You are exhausted but cannot sleep. Now, after receiving Nutrition Response Testing and your care, Dr. Caprile, I can sleep! Most nights I get eight hours and sometimes more. This has gotten me trough the last six months of increased turmoil at work. I don’t know what would have happened without the correct supplements on your program. In all likelihood, I would have gotten sick and missed work.

Testimonial SR

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be involved in the Nutrition Response program, recently recommended to me. Although I have been on the program for a few short weeks I am amazed at the progress I have made. When I first started coming I wondered if this could help me resolve my severe and constant headaches, muscle and joint stiffness, and discomfort with digestion. I was quite confused about what food supplements I should be using. Many times I would just try various products advertised on the radio and in health magazines. I have always been keenly interested in a natural solution to improving my health. At age 66, I am not taking a single prescription drug on the market. Most people amazed when I tell them this. They want to tell me I am lucky but honestly I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. I have been blessed with ability to trust the integrity of the human body to heal itself when given the proper information. That information, I believe can be revealed through your testing in the Nutrition response program. You found out that I had many stress areas, which could have gone unchecked and caused more damage to my organs. I have had No headaches at all since you have begun treated me. My digestion issues have been arrested with the whole food supplements you have so wisely been able to discern were needed to heal my areas of concern. I have been using the products for years and wondered why they were not delivering; you see it was “hit or miss”. I had no idea what to take or how much. This has been a very confusing process, but thanks to you Dr. Caprile, I now know exactly what to use to get the results to promote better health improvement. I am so glad I trusted you to find a solution to my health issues. To anyone just thinking about this, Take the option and go for it. You might be surprised and delighted that the body’s ability to heal itself with informed direction, skill, knowledge, and a touch of a caring doctor. I have also some weight and have more energy. People who I have not seen for a while have asked me what I have been doing, my appearance has greatly improved, and with this encouragement I am a contestant for Ms. Senior Massachusetts. Thank you again for working with me to improve my health this dramatically.

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